The Backstory on the Moroccan Suites--in Boston!

- What is the backstory on the Moroccan Suites, Boston? 


      I think Morocco is the most exotic place within a few hours' travel of the east coast (only 5 hours from JFK). It combines Middle Eastern cultures with the tribal cultures of Africa with stunning richness. As an art historian of Islamic art and a designer inspired by it, I travel widely throughout the Middle East and North Africa. I expected Morocco to be welcoming, a perfect vacation for someone of my interests, but the experience was so much more: I fell in love with Morocco!--the textures, scents, flavors, and artistry of Moroccan souks (covered markets), handicrafts, and architecture.  In the medieval walled city of Fez in northern Morocco, I stayed for a few months in a "riad," the traditional villa of Morocco built around a garden courtyard and fountain. It was the most luxurious and intimate space I have ever stayed in, a delight for the senses.

I dreamed of creating my own "riad," a hidden jewel in the heart of Boston. I wanted to bring the grace and luxury of an authentic Moroccan interior to my family and guests. This was the beginning of the Moroccan Suites!

I am a strong believer that guests deserve to be surrounded by beautiful, high-quality works of art. This creates a rich and luxurious experience, which I aim for in all my guest suites.The Moroccan Suite recreates the feeling and sensory abundance of a Moroccan interior with its authentic furnishings and design: guests can relax at the end of the day to enjoy the exotic beauty of a trickling mosaic tile fountain brought from a "riad" courtyard,  hand-wrought silver furniture and tribal jewelry, and light sculptures and a tent-canopy designed to create the ambiance of a private suite of rooms in a emir's palace. The classical architecture of the historic townhouse complements the sumptuous Moroccan textures and colors to create a peaceful, harmonious setting. The Moroccan Suites in Boston are designed as a relaxing, private space for guests to renew themselves--Elizabeth Gittings, owner.


The inspiration:

sumptuous textures of the Moroccan Riad...

Massive wooden doors hand-carved with the Islamic star and geometric patterns characteristic of North Africa, from a riad in the old city of Fez, Morocco.

Upper balcony of a riad in the old city of Fez, Morocco. 

Old-fashioned plush velvets in luscious jewel colors are traditional in the Moroccan version of the divan, here combined with a delightfully embroidered pillow. From a riad salon in the old city of Fez in Morocco.

My private oasis: riad courtyard in the old city of Fez in Morocco. Most riads abound with fountains and luxurious textures of tile-work and and hand-carved wood and plaster arts.

A simple bedroom in a riad in the old city of Fez displays the stunning colors, textures, and handmade textiles found in traditional Moroccan interiors. 


Sumptuous Moroccan textures in our Boston suites...

An antique fountain brought from a riad in the old city of Fez in Morocco is one of many authentic furnishings for guests to enjoy in  the Moroccan Suites in Boston.